Green hydrogen sector planned in Moorburg

Power plant goes off grid
05 July 2021
Moorburg power plant

The coal-fired power plant in Moorburg will be taken off the grid Wednesday (July 7, 2021) after it ceased feeding into the power grid in January. The Vattenfall power plant earlier secured a bid at auction for the nationwide coal phase-out and was classified as no longer system-relevant. A green hydrogen sector is to set up by 2025 and based in Moorburg where one of the world's most powerful electrolysis plants will ensue.

Step towards energy transition

"The Moorburg power plant was too large from the start and was never economic," said Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment. Its closure is good news for climate protection and air quality in Hamburg. "The senate's focus on consistent decarbonization and renewable and existing energy sources from 2015 onwards rather than on coal-fired district heating is right. Now we can look ahead and plan the environment-friendly future of energy in Moorburg," he added.

Future belongs to hydrogen

The proximity of the site in Moorburg to pipelines and transport routes renders it ideal for a hydrogen sector. "Hamburg can become a leading hydrogen centre with Moorburg and the HHWIN hydrogen network and its large industrial companies. We want to show that prosperity and economic efficiency can be climate-friendly here in Hamburg," Kerstan added.